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My Previous Work


A Garry's Mod roleplay gamemode base, a worthy replacement for DarkRP.

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GMod Braille Matrix Display

A display in GMod built out of braille as a proof of concept idea.

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A vehicle system made specifically for karts. Includes upgrades, customisation and more.

Osu! AutoMute

An application that automatically mutes you when it detects you are playing an Osu! map.

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A library to help developers draw UI for 3D2D mode in Garry's Mod.

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GMod i18n

A object-oriented library to help developers implement mutli-language support in their Garry's Mod addons.

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Elite UI

A modern styled, optimised and full rewrite of Garry's Mod's derma library.

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Elite HUD

A custom HUD for EliteLupus DarkRP built with Elite UI.

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Elite F4

A custom F4 menu for EliteLupus DarkRP built with Elite UI.

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Superior Keypads

A featureful and optimised keypad system for DarkRP.

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Superior Vault

A unique and engaging bank vault raiding system for DarkRP.

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A cool and simple visualiser in Garry's Mod.

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StarWarsRP HUD

A StarWarsRP HUD for Garry's Mod an integrated area and mission system.

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A complete DarkRP HUD and UI overhaul.

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A system that allows players to vote for a mayor in DarkRP.


A unique, polished banking system built for DarkRP.

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Eclipse Printer

A unique, modular custom money printing system for DarkRP.

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Pterodactyl GLua Syntax Highlighting

A mod that adds Garry's Mod Lua syntax highlighting mod to Pterodactyl.

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OGL Skins

An clean and animated, weapon skin vendor for DarkRP.

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OGL Base Defences

A custom base defence system with a builder/repair tool with animations.

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