Completed APRIL 2020

Tom's StarWarsRP HUD

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About the Project

This HUD was created with the intention of being purely for StarWarsRP servers. This means that some of the unnecessary information you'd usually find on regular DarkRP HUDs isn't there. To fill the place of the elements that aren't included the HUD comes with a fully custom event task system with an admin menu that event planners can use to manage them. It also includes an area and clearance system which uses the clearance level attached to your job to work out whether or not you are allowed in that area and display it on the HUD. Finally, the HUD includes integration with an existing defcon system from the workshop which alerts the players when the defcon level changes and displays in the information panel on the bottom left with a colour change animation.

Skills demonstrated

  • gLua
  • Networking
  • HUD
  • Scaling
  • Animation
  • VGUI