Completed JANUARY 2020

OGL Skins

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About the Project

OGL Skins is an extension of the GmodStore addon Easy Skins. The brief was to improve on the existing UI and add an NPC that players can buy and manage their skins from. The UI includes a list of the weapons that can be skinned, when clicking on one it displays the available skins for it as it slides into the world from the desk. As you hover over weapon skins, an animation of a spray can will play on it and change it's skin accordingly at the end. Clicking the weapon allows you to buy, equip or unequip the weapon. The UI also has a feature to only list the weapons that are currently in your loadout to make it easier for players to find the weapons they want.

Skills demonstrated

  • gLua
  • Entities
  • Networking
  • VGUI
  • Animation
  • Effects