Completed JANUARY 2020

OGL Base Defences

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About the Project

The idea behind OGL base defences was to allow players to prop block in their bases in a roleplay friendly way. This was achieved by using a set of pre-defined entities from this system. It allows the player to spawn one in from the F4 menu and place it using the defence placement system, this helps prevent the player from placing them in invalid locations. Once the user had placed the base defence it would begin building, each tier has a different time to build, more health meaning longer build time. Once the building animation is complete the entity can be used as a fading door using the fading door toolgun, the fading door will break when the defence health is no longer 100%. This provides an interesting and unique raid mechanic to the server that means the raider has to destroy the defence to get in to the player's base first. This system also provides three weapons that repair the defences and speed up build times of the defences at different rates, these work well as donator restricted items.

Skills demonstrated

  • gLua
  • Entities
  • SWEPs
  • 3D2D
  • Networking
  • HUD
  • Animation
  • Effects