Completed MAY 2020

Eclipse Printer

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About the Project

Eclipse Printer is a fully custom printer entity made for EclipseRP. It comes with a rack of servers which the player can buy, when this happens it will populate the rack with a server. The first server bought will power on the printer and begin printing. The more servers the player buys the more money it will make but at the same time it will also heat up faster. This means the player needs a way to cool it down, while also being limited to the amount of money they can earn when AFK. The printer has an upgrade menu on the side which allows them to buy cooling to prevent the printer from overheating, they can also buy speed upgrades, health and more. The printer will stop printing automatically once its capacity limit is reached, this helps prevent AFK farming and also slows the rate of the server's economy growth. Energy is also required to run the printer which is a set cost to refill depending on your current energy tier. UI designs and models were provided by OGLNetwork.

Skills demonstrated

  • gLua
  • Entities
  • Networking
  • 3D2D
  • Looping sounds