Completed July 2020

Superior Vault

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Superior Vault is a unique, optimized and entertaining vault raiding system perfect for any DarkRP server. The system has been built carefully to ensure you have the power to fine-tune anything you want about the system, from it's design, to the specifics of the raiding mechanics. Superior vault, takes all the qualities of the existing vault systems and expands on them to produce a high quality but also different system from what already exists.


  • Premium and unique models
  • Incredibly configurable and customizable
  • Easy language support (check the language tab for more info)
  • Clean and crisp 3D2D UI
  • GTA V like hacking mini game
  • Built-in raid party support
  • Powerful vault economy manager
  • Support for GlorifiedBanking, takes transaction fees and puts them in your vaults!
  • Minimum player/police requirement support
  • Multiple ongoing raid support on several vaults
  • Raid party time multiplier, defend timer increases as the party gets bigger
  • Police kill rewards for preventing raids
  • Different reward methods
  • Unique hacking device and 3D2D hacking
  • Built in permanent vaults
  • Configurable colour themes to easily fit your server's look

Addon Integrations

Glorified Banking
Superior Vault has support for Glorified Banking, this takes transaction fees from ATMs and card readers as a source of money for the vaults.