Completed June 2020

Superior Keypads

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Superior Keypads is a powerful, optimised and modular keypad system. It has been built to be highly configurable and expandable for future additions! Superior Keypads takes all the great features from existing keypad systems and packs it into an all-in-one feature rich package perfect for your server.


  • Easy setup and configuration
  • High quality support
  • Supports default DarkRP lockpicks and battering rams
  • bLogs and other addon integrations
  • Descriptive errors to help fix issues without needing our help!
  • Exploit and crash preventing measures
  • Developer hooks and functions
  • Easy to use keypad placement toolgun
  • Keypad crackers can be easily added in the config with configurable names and speeds
  • Admin keypad checking tools are provided to make it easier for your staff
  • Custom model with clean animations
  • Keypad fingerprint friends, can support CPPI friends
  • Robust validation checks to ensure the system doesn't error
  • Built in player specific limits
  • Numpad key shortcuts
  • DEPLOY-ABLE KEYPAD CRACKERS! (thanks snoopi for the suggestion)
  • Keypad cracking glitch effects
  • Shoot-to-disable Keypads
  • Blobs party support!
  • ANTI-HACK! Stops people from viewing the codes your players are entering. The only keypad system with proper prevention!*
  • Multi-door support. (with halos!)
  • Wire Support
  • Key-binds to open doors.
  • Map door support (Open up darkrp doors with the keypads!)
  • Ability to FULLY control how your fading doors work.
  • PRECISION FEATURE, slow down your players cursor when looking at keypads (you must have eye trace protection enabled!)


Are your keypads exploitable?
We are not. Each net message is secured. We've taken steps to make sure we're not exploitable in the same way any other existing keypads are. These steps make it next to impossible to create a cheat to steal the keypad codes from people by reading the eye trace. We also have extensively tested it with the help of other creators.

Are your keypads optimised?
They absolutely are! You will not see any lag coming from our addon.

You've updated a lot aren't you going to stop?
As long as you have ideas, no.