Completed Jan 2018

Server Vote

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Server vote is an addon that encourages members of your server to vote on several different server listing sites in return for a reward. Server vote currently supports the most widely used voting sites, TopG, Gmod-Servers and Serverpact, support for new listing sites will be added if they are in high demand. Server Vote can be set up to give your players any rewards you like through the functions in the config file, by default voting for one server list will give you $500 in DarkRP money and $1,000 for voting on all three sites.


  • Give your players rewards for helping your server
  • Support for developers, add custom rewards
  • Beautiful, completely configurable interface
  • Incredibly easy to set up!
  • Configurable NPC
  • Chat command
  • DarkRP/StarwarsRP and Pointshop1/2 support!