Completed May 2020

Glorified Banking

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Glorified Banking is a lightweight and effective ATM script which will fit all your roleplay banking desires.

The addon also comes with various other quality of life features, such as your paychecks automatically being converted to money in your bank. There is also an interest system which can be configured to work with certain usergroups to give your donators or admins an extra amount.

Things don't always go as planned, and we understand that. There are numerous different tools included for damage control in the event that something goes wrong. Examples of these tools include our completely configurable and in-depth backup system which allow you to backup your database safely, as well as a lockdown mode that prevents any ATM usage which can be activated from one of your defined usergroups/admins in the event of an emergency.

Key Features

  • Easy and powerful configuration
  • MySQL and SQLite compatibility
  • Blue's ATM data importer so your players don't lose out
  • Lockdown mode in the event of an emergency
  • Exploit prevention and validation checks
  • A built-in logging system in our admin panel


  • Interest system, custom checks for certain use cases such as restricting to donators
  • Lightweight with top tier optimization
  • In-depth backup system for damage control, fully configurable
  • Integrated with numerous other addons due to our powerful API
  • A built-in logging system in our admin panel
  • System for your paychecks to go straight to your bank
  • A custom model with animations and a 3D2D menu
  • Transaction history, for individuals and admins
  • ATM entities save per map and work through admin cleanups
  • CAMI support for certain admin privileges
  • Custom Immersive and responsive audio
  • Withdrawals, deposits and transfers with the ability to set fees per ATM
  • Administration panel to take full control of your server
  • Easily customizable UI themes with our easy-to-understand theme library
  • Add support for other gamemodes with our easy-to-use compatibility file
  • Toolgun to consistently place ATMs at the same height, consistent distances and set appropriate fees
  • Translate to your own language with ease using our localization library
  • DRM free and zero obfuscation

Addon Integrations

  • McPhone - Includes a site on the web browser to access your banking.
  • GSmartWatch - View your balance from your watch.
  • Zero's Addons - Allows you to replace any income to go straight to your bank.
  • Billy's Logs - Logging for withdrawals, deposits and transfers.
  • CupCakeR's Missions Script - Ability to get rewards straight to your bank.
  • Venatuss' HUD Maker - Ability to add your bank account value and interest amount onto your custom HUDs.