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I'm a freelance software developer from the UK, I can work in many different languages, my primary ones being JavaScript/Node, C#, PHP and Lua. Over my several years of experience I have gained the knowledge to create efficient, feature rich applications that always meet the initial specification. I can assure my clients that I'm always able to complete their projects on time and with quality.

Lua - 100%
Javascript/Node - 95%
C# - 80%
PHP - 60%

My Past Work



Fresh and Elegant HUD for Garry's Mod

Smart Disease Mod
Smart Disease Mod

Simulating diseases in Garry's Mod

Server Vote
Server Vote

Increase your playercount with ease

OGL Base Defences
OGL Base Defences

A unique way to defend your base in DarkRP

Tom's Elections
Tom's Elections

Mayor elections in DarkRP

OGL Skins
OGL Skins

An EasySkins UI redesign

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If you would like to get in contact with me, feel free to add me on discord and message me there. If you don't have discord use the form below or email me at tom@tomdotbat.dev.